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. Konzerte und Dienste der Dresdner Kapellknaben für das Jahr 2012 .
. Konzerte   Dienste in der Dresdner Kathedrale .
. Konzerte der Dresdner Kapellknaben 2012   Dienste der Dresdner Kapellknaben 2012 in der Dresdner Kathedrale .
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. Regularly, the choir sings concerts in churches of the diocese Dresden-Meissen, as well as in other German and European cities.
For more events, please visit the German page "Veranstaltungen" (events) >> here
Past events can be found at the German pages "Konzertreisen" (concert tours) and "Archiv" >> archive
  On most Sundays and church holidays, the Dresdner Kapellknaben sing at the Cathedral mass at 10.30 a.m. The younger boys are dressed in red robes, the older ones in black robes.
Die nächsten Gottesdienste mit den Dresdner Kapellknaben finden Sie >> hier
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